HireWizer supports Fortune 500 and large enterprises on Diverse Tech Hiring nationwide

Services We Offer

Temp to Hire

Trial engineers for 6 months before committing to permanent hire.

Staff Augmentation

We provide tailored engineers for your 6/12+ month projects.

Permanent Recruitment

We’re well connected with talented diverse tech talent nationwide.

US Based Remote Teams

Hiring Remote Talent outside of the major tech-hubs to promote diversity

What we do to help firms lead with Diversity of Hires:

  • Hiring strategy

    • Acknowledge where you need to make improvements,
    • Strategize where improvements need to be made and how to hire accordingly,
    • Involve and communicate with existing team members from organizational top to bottom, explaining the process of hiring to better represent diverse hires.

  • Leadership Roles

    • A hugely important factor in having a diverse workforce from top to bottom is guiding Women, Black and Latinx workers into leadership roles,
    • Alongside new, creative vision, BIPOC and Women-led leadership is the first stage towards generating an inclusive mentoring community within your company,
    • Your firm is better representative of your community at decision-maker level.

  • Diligent sourcing and vetting

    • Hiring with purpose and focussing on better representation of minority and underrepresented candidates,
    • Leading the search for the best of the best, both online and in person through established and novel recruitment methodology,
    • Offering a variety of recruitment options (as stated above) to better fit your needs.

  • Unbiased hiring and interview practices

    • Specifically edited CVs directed by HireWizer to remove bias from the hiring process and encourage our client’s to hire confidently,
    • Advertisement of Roles – removing bias from language and training HR teams and interviews to approach vetting and interviewing with fairness.

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