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HireWizer is a specialist in sourcing Technical and Non-Technical Talent for Full-Time and Contract opportunities nationwide for organizations enlightened to hiring on a remote basis
Our team of Technical Recruiters have decades of talent attraction experience. Matching the right opportunity to the right person comes as second nature to us
We’re big believers that the world of work is moving to a location independent one. It’s economical for both employer and employee. Proven to increase productivity, and improves quality of life

Location Independent Work Is Real, Here, and Growing

Benefits of Working with Hirewizer


Our team walks the walk of location independence. HireWizer has our own remote team which unburdens us from the larger expenses our competitors bear. We pass on these cost savings to our customers.

Remote employment comes with greater responsibility. Our candidates are screened on their technical abilities and on their ability to thrive as a remote employee.

We don’t advertise your jobs, instead we actively headhunt and review our network to send you only highly qualified, vetted candidates.

We know what’s needed to develop a constructive work environment that promotes communication and productivity within an independent workforce. We regularly update our clients on new technologies and tested strategies useful to building a successful remote team.


We work with clients taking pioneering steps in location independent employment. Some new, others veterans. All vetted as companies striving to offer a better way to work.

Once you send us your resume our expert team of Talent Advocates review our internal database of opportunities to find the best match for you.

Your resume will always be looked at. You will receive honest and up to date feedback. If we don’t have an opportunity that matches your skills today, we’ll let you know and get in touch with you once we do.

We’ll give you access to tutorials and live webinars on subjects like; ‘Building a Great Resume’, Developing Your Personal Brand, and Standing Out Amongst The Crowd.

Why Remote Employment Is The Winning Formula

At HireWizer, we practice what we preach. We’re a huge advocate for remote employment because we know it works! For years we’ve seen our clients facing the same dilemma time and time again. They need a level of expertise that simply isn’t available within their local talent pool. The usual solution put on the table is a ‘relocation package’ which rarely garners much more interest.

Think about it from the candidates perspective. You’re expecting them to leave behind friends and family, a house with a mortgage, kids reintegrated into a new school, and that’s just the start of it.

40% of the US workforce have the ability to work remotely. If your job function only requires the use of a phone and internet your business can save $11,000 annually per employee if they worked remotely. On average employers have seen a 27% increase in productivity and it’s obvious why. No more grueling commutes through rush hour, procrastination where employees admit to wasting 2 hours a day, not including lunch and scheduled breaks.

With HireWizer you can now:

  • Save on cost of hire

  • Have access to the top talent nationwide

  • Receive valuable information discussing the latest technologies and strategies used by successful remote teams

  • Have a recruiting partner dedicated to the long term success of your company and your new employee

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